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Hi This is my third blog post. Today I’m going to talk about technology. Technology is very important and special to mankind and it has been here before mankind set foot on earth. You might be wondering how it was here before mankind, well animals could make tools and technology animals were superior to earth before humans and they were the smartest creatures anything and that is how technology was here before humans. Technology can extend to anything in your imagination it can do anything. Eventually people can invent something like a teleporter ( that’s a maybe) and a plasma accelerator ( definitely not) but that stuff might not be the best investment into human kind cars were a good thing and farms were a good thing but you might be thinking cars aren’t good for the environment well being meet electric cars there the exact same thing just are good for the environment and a lot more high tech. Here are some examples of electric cars. BMW i3

Nissan Leaf


Chevrolet Volt


Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model S


Chevrolet Bolt

Audi E Tron


Renault Zoe


Ford Mustang Mach-E


BMW i8


BYD e6



Baic Ec

Cadillac ELR


Chevrolet Spark EV every single one is expensive, high tech and good for the environment. There are also mobile devices which are also  high tech And  pretty cool there are also computers which aren’t mobile but very high tech. These are all called machines, cars, devices and tools are all actually machines. Buildings can also be high tech  because buildings have things called elevators and all buildings have internet and I wanted to tell you anything has a use. Always be careful with your devices because no device  is unbreakable, all devices or anything with wires and things related to electrical things  can be destroyed by a liquid or can be overpower by more electricity. So that’ll be all for my presentation and this will probably be my last blog post ( it’s is ) so bye  


I   love my favorite these are a ton of ways you can fuse other Pokémon with rayquaza but thats in the nintendo games.

Pokémon are really cool and they and some are supperrr expensive like 100k for a first edition charizard which is sooooo 2nd favorite Pokémon is necrozma

the thing I like about it is it can fuse with lunala and Solgaleo to make the blinding one aka ultra necrozma which looks superrrr cool here’s a picture of itacool ain’t it it’s an alolan Pokémon and I forgot to mention there’s different regions and having different legendary Pokémon mot even having mythical for example the sinnoh region has not one not two not three but 4 legendary if it’s including the the mythical Pokémon so there is also types of Pokémon for example rock steel fairy and more there is also 22 mythical

Pokémon and 50 something legendary and about 827 Pokémon in the Pokémon anime here are a picture of all the legendary and mythical pokemon here are all the mythical btw it’s not including Meltanmelmetal here are all the legendary Pokémon and there are also different special things about all Pokémon for example the mythical Pokémon genesect has a gun on the top and its 200 million years old plus it was created by scientists just like new two which is another legendary Pokémon and the second strongest one being beat by Arceus the creator of the Pokémon universe and Pokémon is actually a Japanese thing and I forgot to mention that there are Pokémon movies and video games and there are Pokémon tv shows and here are some pictures of Pokémon cards which is how you can sell em there is also a thing called shiny cards there are Pokemon with a different color and have stars and are scratchy and are sooooo cool looking 


that’s about everything for my second blog post I’ll see you later on my third! Byeeeee.

Space XD



Space is a beautiful and interesting and cool

  1. In our solar system there are 8 planets some people say there’s nine planets but there isnt because the ninth planet is a very small planet and very cold they say it is because it’s it’s in the suns area but it’s outside of the Kuiper belt and has no moons even though if it was a planet it would have at least 7 moons or less but it doesn’t and it’s wayyyyy to small to be a planet. Now let’s talk about other solar systems. There are more then a trillion of them and all of them have a star and 1-9 planets some are very interesting and there the key to finding other life in the universe because we only know one talking moving smart person which are us. Galaxys are the second thing which dosent  circle around something and there are three main types of galaxys but 4 in all the first one is the most basic it’s spiral then irregular ecliptic and… I forgot the name lol 😂.stars and space probes are both quite interesting stars don’t all have real names like this one call 51 Pegasus they really just made its t up but some like the sun and antres actually have a name that they thought about satellites like the Hubble and rockets like Apollo both have a special job one takes pictures of other galaxys/stars and planets rockets transport other astronauts to go to other


and moons.the Big Bang was what created the entire universe and if you didn’t know in a couple billion years galaxys will be to far away to see so no more galaxys will be discoverd with any type of telescope and some planets will be destroyed like earth and only earth lol but mars will be beautiful again like it was billions of years ago and earth will be destroyed but they will easily be able to get there because they will have very strong and fast space ships or they will be able to live on the moon because they can make a space station there with plants to live bye.